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Coping with divorce is a difficult task. It’s perhaps even more difficult for military families who already make a great sacrifice for our country.

But there’s no need to endure the battle alone. Duncan Cavanah is here to help military families stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky through the difficult and complicated process of military divorce.

Whether you’re a veteran, on active duty or the spouse of armed forces personnel, we can help secure your future and reach a fair and reasonable dissolution of marriage.

Military vs. civilian divorce

Unlike most civilians, military personnel are often shipped around during their time of service. When filing for divorce (also known as dissolution of marriage), military personnel and their spouses must demonstrate six months of residency in the commonwealth of Kentucky or, in cases in which children are not involved, six months of being stationed at a Kentucky military installation.

If the non-military spouse files for divorce during deployment, proceedings may be delayed by the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SCRA). The case may resume at the end of the active duty or up to 60 days afterward.

Military personnel may also choose to waive this right, but it prevents the military spouse from “defaulting” – submitting to the filing spouses requested terms -- due to overseas service.

In most instances, military retired pay is included in division of assets..

Military retirement, even though earned by just one party, is considered to be a marital asset subject to division by the Court.


Protecting their children is foremost for any parent facing divorce. With Ison & Cavanah as your advocate, you can protect your parental rights and preserve a positive relationship with your child.

Many courts require spouses to attend Families in Transition courses along with the child or children.

Until a custody agreement is reached, military personnel must provide financial support to the family equal to the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) at the with-dependent rate, although possibly pro-rated.

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